Personalised Eco and Photography Adventures

We offer individually priced full and half day tours, as well as 2 day tours with accomodation and transport.

You can pick and choose between activities to curate your personal adventure. As part of our eco and photo tours, we offer options such as:


discover deep colombia

A unique experience with local Colombian family on their coffee farm Take a slow walk up the back trails in the mountains to visit local families in their farms. This is a unique and special experience, you can really say that you've exeperienced deep Colombia!


Walking adventures


Walk around the back trails of Minca and discover a world of natural beauty. These trails are not frequently used by tourists, so chances to experience nature at its finest.


chasing waterfalls

Discover five of Minca's waterfalls, three secret locations and two of our more popular swimming holes. Make this the perfect day by enjoying lunch with us. Vegan option available.


nature's kitchen

Gastro nature! Learn about plants and herbs, some endemic to Latin America and others imported from hundreds of years ago. Discover the health and beauty benefits as well as cooking tips and preparation ideas. Eat the food you learn about in a delicious homemade meal in a rainforest setting




Wildlife Safari

Take a hike around a private wildlife reserve and enjoy the true nature of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Expect to see many birds as Minca is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Continue the morning with a swim or rest at a secret spot in the river, and then a walk on a hidden backtrail.


chocolate/coffee & mountains:

Classic Colombia

Coffee tours and chocolate tours See how coffee is grown, harvested and produced at a local family farm. See cacao grown out in the fields, taste fresh cacao fruit, and make your own chocolates. Supreme views over the mountains.



Occasionally upon special request we arrange trips to visit the indigenous communities in Minca.


Art, Culture & History Tour:

faces and places

History walk in Minca, learn about the fascinating history of the region from a local. Meet the local artists in town, (painters, sculptors, photographers, actors) in their studios, see how art and preserving the environment work together, learn about local produce and artisanias. Stunning viewpoints - see all the way to Santa Marta.


Birdwatching breakfast 

Take it easy and let the birds come to you, whilst you enjoy a delicious locally sourced, organic breakfast. Includes organic criollo eggs, homemade organic jams and chocolate spreads, fresh bread or homemade granola with coconut and cacao nibs.