Capture the Imagination of Colombia through your lens

Develop your photographer’s eye 

As a professional photographer, I will teach you how to develop your own photographer's eye and learn creative techniques that will give you the confidence to take exceptional images every time you use your camera.

The pictures that you create on our photography tours will capture cherished memories of Minca and the Sierra Nevada that can be shared long after you leave. And remember everything you learn on a Fototrails tour is knowledge that you will keep forever.

Camera only workshop at your hotel (2 hours)

Ideal for travellers who want to get to know their SLR camera´s basic settings better, as well as enthusiasts who wish to learn more advanced photography skills.

Create... Photography tours and workshops for all levels

We also offer guided photography tours, our package includes a unique photography workshop where we can discuss your pictures, provide creative guidance and hints as well as a deeper understanding of key skills including:

  • - Composition

  • - Depth of field

  • - Exposure

  • - Aperture

  • - Shutter speed

  • - ISO