Capture the imagination of Colombia

Colombia is a curious blend of vibrant colours, mesmerising landscapes and smiling faces that has become a haven for travellers in search of untouched beauty.

Explore... Uncover the real Colombia at your own pace

We will create a unique personalised expert guided eco/cultural experience or photography adventure of Minca and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta region, take away a unique memory of Colombia.  Discover Minca's natural beauty, meet charismatic locals and learn the often unseen intricacies of their daily lives. Often described as 'the tour that's not a tour.'

  • Access stunning and exclusive locations, places where only you get the perfect picture.

  • Groups no bigger than six people.

  • An adventure with close friends rather than a large commercial tour.

Support Local Families and Farms

We work with local families and farms offering you an experience of the real, often hidden Colombia. A true opportunity to get to know the locals here in the Sierra, and for them to get to know you! There's nothing better than being able to share our experiences.

Each of our personlised tours includes:

  •  An English/Spanish native speaker guide

  • Professional photographer and local guides

  • Local knowledge of Minca, access to private farms, family homes, nature reserves and waterfalls.

  • Customised plans for everyone- all levels of fitness welcome

  • Refreshments

  • Option for 2 or 3 day tours including accomodation

  • Option for professional camera/ photography workshop and guided photography tour

Workshops and departure are from Iguana Soul, Casa Del Campo, Minca.

We offer hotel pick-up in Santa Marta for an additional cost.

All photography provided by Natasha Johl. Natasha Johl Photography: Professional Personalised Guided Tours and Experiences of Santa Marta and Minca, Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.